Pallet mobile rack Pallet mobile rack Price: Price according to designing
Status: Produced according to orders
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  • Price: Price according to designing
    Status: Produced according to orders

Mobile Pallet Rack is a very high density storage system with 100% utilization of pallet positions. The system is comprised of 100% selective back-to-back pallet racks mounted on mobile bases that travel on tracks laid into the floor.
The storage carriages are driven by integral electric motors and can be moved individually or as a section, permit ting access to any pallet at any time.
Mobile racks are particularly effective in cold or ultra-cold warehouses and other industrial applications where aisle space is at a premium and speed of product movement is not a major concern.

mobile pallet rack
  • In addition to the quality of iron racks are always guaranteed, reasonable price; we also support customers transporting free products in the inner Ho Chi Minh city.
  • Our professional technical staff is always ready to support customers to do survey and advice on the product and it is completely free and fastest.
  • In particular, when delivery if you are not satisfied with any of our products, you have the right to return of racks free immediately. It’s free!
  • Products are warranted for 5 years.
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